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Daniel has had an affinity for mathematics and science from a young age, always being drawn toward mind and logic puzzles. Throughout school, his love of teaching began as he always loved helping his peers tackle the newly taught content. Awarded the Mathematics Prize at Melbourne Grammar School and being accepted into the University of Melbourne on the Dean’s Honour List, Daniel continued to teach high school Math and Science whilst completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Science (Math and Physics Major) and a Diploma in French. In 2011, whilst completing his Master's Degree in Science (Math and Physics) Daniel was accepted onto the teaching staff at the University of Melbourne where he taught students for 9 years before moving to North America. During his Master's he was awarded the National Science Scholarship and a Summer Research Scholarship (Science Mastership). Daniel continues to teach secondary and tertiary mathematics and his love of it is undying



Whether you hate math and are just trying to get through your course, or if you’re looking to better understand the content that is coming your way. If you just want to iron out some rough edges, or are wanting to dive deeper into mathematical concepts, these tutorial sessions are perfect for you.

Currently run over Zoom, and based out of Vancouver, BC, Daniel will work out your strengths and weaknesses by forming an individually tailored plan of attack and working with you to obtain and surpass your goals. 

Daniel caters to students of all needs and levels. Whether you need regular sessions to keep up with your studies, or just one session here and there, these tutorials offer a safe space to work through any difficulties you may be experiencing so you can live up to your full academic potential.

With over 15 years experience in teaching these subjects, decades in the learning environment, and a passion for math, Daniel is adept at reading students needs, identifying individual learning styles with a thorough understanding of the struggles math can bring. 

Reach out today to take the first steps toward a greater understanding of the mathematical world.

Daniel’s tutorials are available to students worldwide.

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